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Our Somerset-based web design service is headed by experienced, creative professionals. Their sole focus - working closely with your business to create a website that works at every conceivable level.

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Designed For Mobile & Desktop

If you've been researching a new website any time over the last few years, you will probably have come across phrases such as "mobile-responsiveness" or "mobile-friendly web design". It's important, because with the increasing number of people accessing the internet via mobile devices, it's vital that your website is accessible and user-friendly on any size device, from the smallest mobile screen to a large desktop monitor.

In fact, Google is so keen for mobile sites to be user-friendly, it is now an important ranking factor.

Desktop design still remains important, though. The actual split between mobile and desktop visitors varies between websites, but the latest data suggests an average split of about 60% / 40% in favour of mobile. Our digital marketing team can check this for you.

Kontrolit has been using mobile-friendly design techniques as standard for a number of years now. Web designs that work well on desktop PCs often need to be adapted for the best layout and user-experience on mobile devices, so we pay close attention to both. Other companies often design websites for one layout or the other, which isn't in your best interests.

During the design phase of your website, you'll be presented with beta design drawings, so you can see how the website will look on both desktop and mobile. Your feedback at this stage is really important to us, to make sure you're happy with everything.

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Bespoke Design

Do you ever visit websites and think you've seen it all before? That's because some companies only use design templates. The words and colour theme might change, but it's not really unique, and it doesn't consider what your business or your customers need.

  • Kontrolit never uses templates. We liaise thoroughly with you before starting any work, and then create a bespoke website design based around your customers' needs.
  • Our skills enable us to incorporate your branding needs with the ideal user-interface / user-experience, so potential customers can quickly find the information or products they’re looking for.
  • Bespoke design helps you stand out from the rest, and gives more flexibility when you need to fit around current or new branding.
  • The material-gathering phase of the design process looks at things like your company's customer personas, existing branding and structure, etc. This process is very interactive with you, the customer, and helps us to work your company's house-style, tone or language preferences into the website.
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Adobe XD

Kontrolit's creative design team uses the latest art package in Adobe. This gives us great tools that help us to create a design that's a cut above the rest.

  • The beta-design drawings we present to you are interactive; they allow you to give feedback on the design drawings themselves, and pinpoint your comments to specific areas of the design.
  • This really helps to speed up the process, as there's much less room for misunderstanding, and we can see exactly where you might have suggestions to tweak something.
  • We'll often go through several iterations of the design at this stage, to make sure you're happy with it; Adobe XD makes this much easier.

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