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We're verified by Google Partners as being a PPC agency with proven expertise and success in Google Ads management. We'll help you target the right customers, improve campaign performance and lower your Ad costs.

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If you're considering using Google Ads, our specialist team, based in Yeovil, Somerset, has the knowledge and experience to deliver success for your business. Google Ads, formerly known as Google AdWords, is a type of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. It offers a faster route to maximise your online visibility, deliver more leads and increase all-important sales. 

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What are Google Ads?

In a nutshell, if your advert is a good match for a user’s search, your business can appear above the free listings in search results, on Google partner sites such as YouTube or Google Maps, or on third-party websites. 

Potentially, thousands of people might see your adverts, but you’ll only pay Google when someone clicks on them! You can take potential customers straight to the most relevant information or product on your website, boosting your prospects of a conversion.

Different types of Google Ads, depending on your goals

Google offers various types of advertising campaign, and ads in many different formats, depending on your goals. You’re probably familiar with many of them already, even if you don’t realise it!

  • Search Ads – Text-based ads displayed above or below Google’s search results.
  • Shopping Ads – For eCommerce websites. Ads include a product image, price and a brief description.
  • Display Ads – Ideal for brand-awareness campaigns, adverts can contain graphics or text and are displayed across multiple channels.
  • Video Ads – These can appear before, during and / or after a video, most frequently seen on YouTube, but also across the Google Display network.
  • App Ads – Appear on mobile devices. Ideal if your business wants to increase downloads of its app.
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Why do you need our PPC management services?

We’ll be honest – Google Ads can get complicated. With so many types of campaign, ad formats, features, settings, targeting and bidding options, getting the best performance from a campaign isn’t for the faint-hearted! 

Kontrolit is a certified Google Partner, meaning we aren’t just specialists in the field of Google Ads management, we have met Google’s certification criteria to become a trusted management agency. 


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Our comprehensive PPC management service includes:

Goal identification and planning 

We will help you identify your goals and advise the best type of campaign to achieve them.

Account set-up and ad creation

We can create your Google Ads account, with carefully optimised campaigns and ads tailored to your needs.

Ongoing campaign optimisation

By monitoring performance via search query analysis, bid adjustments, keyword research and much more, we can make insightful changes to your campaigns to improve performance and lower your costs over time. 

Competitor monitoring 

We monitor your competitors’ keyword targeting, promotions and ad copy to ensure you’re not missing any opportunity to gain the biggest paid market share possible. 

Monthly Report 

A no-nonsense, insightful monthly report, which tells you what we’ve been doing, and showing you how your Google Ads campaigns are performing. 

ROI Reporting

Transparency is important, so if you’re running an eCommerce campaign, you’ll have access to an ROI document, updated weekly, showing your costs against your conversions.

We pride ourselves on a professional but friendly approach; for an informal chat about PPC advertising, please get in touch. 

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