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Kontrolit are certified experts in Paid Search and PPC advertising.

Paid Search, commonly known as PPC or Search Advertising, involves displaying ads on search engine results pages. It considers demographics, user intent, and employs sophisticated bidding methods. This includes various ad formats such as Text ads, Shopping Ads, Display Ads, Video Ads and Remarketing.

Pay Per Click

PPC Services

We love teaming up with positive-thinking clients who are on the hunt for a PPC agency fueled by know-how, a wealth of experience, and a spirit of teamwork. Partnering with us is like having your own dedicated PPC sidekick, ready to bring a friendly touch to your team and supercharge your digital marketing efforts.

Navigating through the sea of advertising options for your company might seem overwhelming, but fear not – we're here to lend a hand and guide you through the exciting world of possibilities available to elevate your brand.

Google Ads

Google Ads

Offering a broad market with diverse campaign types, including Search, Display, Shopping, and more. Let us help you navigate what Google has to offer.
Microsoft Ads

Microsoft Ads

With over a billion monthly users on Bing, it's an audience too significant to ignore. Microsoft Ads provides a range of campaign types to their extensive network.
Social Ads

Social Ads

Truly the heart of online experiences, with 1.7 billion active users and 47% on Facebook alone. Integrating social media PPC into your campaign can significantly enhance KPIs and maximise ROI.
Amazon Ads

Amazon Ads

Whether or not you sell products on Amazon, accessing and advertising Amazon's network can still be a valuable asset for your business.
Our Accreditations
Our Approach

Goal identification and planning

We will help you identify your goals and advise the best type of campaign to achieve them.

Account set-up and ad creation

We can create your Google Ads account, with carefully optimised campaigns and ads tailored to your needs.

Ongoing campaign optimisation

By monitoring performance via search query analysis, bid adjustments, keyword research and much more, we can make insightful changes to your campaigns to improve performance and lower your costs over time.

Competitor monitoring

We monitor your competitors’ keyword targeting, promotions and ad copy to ensure you’re not missing any opportunity to gain the biggest paid market share possible

Monthly Report

A no-nonsense, insightful monthly report, which tells you what we’ve been doing, and showing you how your Google Ads campaigns are performing.

ROI Reporting

Transparency is important, so if you’re running an eCommerce campaign, you’ll have access to an ROI document, updated weekly, showing your costs against your conversions.

Why Choose Kontrolit to manage your PPC Campaigns?

We are a family-run business with over two decades of experience. Based in Somerset, we house a team of dedicated in-house certified professionals who are experts in paid advertising. Working closely with our clients, we are committed to helping them achieve their goals.


We have proven expertise

Benefit from our experienced team's successful track record in managing diverse PPC campaigns.


We customise to your needs

We tailor campaigns to your unique needs, focusing on maximising ROI with personalised approaches.


We make data-driven decisions

We utilise advanced analytics to refine campaigns, ensuring budget efficiency and high performance.


We care

We establish lasting partnerships based on trust and results. Monthly reports demonstrate our transparency and accountability.

Let's Work Together

Exploring PPC solutions or considering a new partnership? We're here to guide you.

Free, honest consultations with detailed insights and straightforward answers.


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