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Your website should be a natural extension of your brand, something that doesn’t just look like your business, but which has a personality and tone that radiates everything your business stands for.

Example of website branding

Website style guide

We produce a style guide for every website we design. You can see these on our Projects Showcase. We work closely with customers to create a website style guide so that colours, fonts and button styles are all locked down from the start of the design.

  • Your chosen website styles are imported into the admin panel so they're ready for you to use once the new website is launched. This means you can easily add button styles, font styles and coloured blocks to pages, while keeping the branding style sleek and consistent everywhere.
  • If you want to, you can make use of the style guide in other areas of your company's internal branding, for example invoices, email templates and other marketing items. Put together, you can create a strong brand for your business.   
Style Guide example

Responsive branding

Incorporating your brand into your website needs careful consideration. Unlike traditional branding, which is designed for a particular poster-size etc., your website can be seen at lots of different sizes, depending on whether it's viewed on a desktop PC on a mobile device.

Any branding we produce for a website is designed to look as good on mobile as it does on desktop, which takes some skill. Icons, logos, favicons...they are all designed with responsiveness in mind.

Branding used in multiple formats


The language you use throughout the website is often as important as colour palette, layout and font styles. There's your overall company branding to consider, as well as the persona of your target customer, who might prefer either a simpler or more complex level of language.

Our in-house copywriters can write for you in the tone of your existing branding, using language that resonates with your customers. This results in a website that flows from one page to another as if written by the same person, in the same tone and style. Your visitors will feel much more "at home" when they can feel this consistency throughout the site, which improves the user experience and encourages greater engagement with you.

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