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Does your website make customers purr with delight or drive them crazy with irritation? Designing and testing the user experience is an important part of every project.

User Interface & Experience
Checklist for website controls

Designed for your customers

We all visit a lot of websites, and that gives rise to certain expectations. When something doesn't work well, if it's slow, broken, or just too complicated, it can be frustrating. When it's plain sailing, you keep your customers happy, and gain new ones.

Your customers' needs, and how they feel when interacting with your website, are really important. Paying careful attention to the user experience improves opportunities for leads and sales, and helps to increase a customer's loyalty to you. This is a part of web design that Kontrolit doesn't overlook.

A positive user experience:

  • reassures a customer that you are professional and trustworthy
  • helps to define a customer's journey
  • increases engagement and the time they spend on site
  • helps visitors find the information they need easily and quickly

For complicated or bespoke development, we can design wireframes to make sure the user experience is handled before adding the visual design.  

Wireframe for new website design

Following industry standards

We adhere to professional industry standards to make sure your website is designed for speed and optimum usability. If you're hoping to get good rankings in Google's search results, those core vitals are increasingly being noticed and used in Google's ranking algorithm.

Before starting any design, we always make sure we have the right materials from you. This includes gathering personas along with having a “Design Kick-Off” meeting where you will speak to the designer and get to talk ideas before we start designing. This helps us get a great awareness of your customers and brand, so we can implement UI & UX that would suit your customers.

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