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Bespoke Web Development

For a website with complicated needs, we'll build you a totally customised solution that streamlines your business and does away with compromise. Ask us about bespoke web development.

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Bespoke development

Your business is unique, so don't settle for using the same website technology as everyone else. A compromise now could cost you dear later on.

Kontrolit prides itself on getting to know your business inside out. By taking the time to thoroughly understand what you're trying to achieve, we can tailor a flexible solution to meet your needs, not just now but into the future.

As your business grows or your goals change, our ongoing support will help you confidently plan and develop the next stages of your website's growth.  

Any bespoke web development is built onto our own content management system, KIT. This is Kontrolit's own software, developed and improved over many years, so anything is possible when we want to create a one-off solution. 

Even custom websites still benefit from patches and new features to the core code, so keeping your site updated and secure is always taken care of.

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What can a bespoke web solution help with?

One of the common reasons customers ask for a tailored approach is to simplify their workflows, or to automate a manual task to improve efficiency. 

  • We produce detailed specifications for larger projects; a senior consultant will work with you to overview the development of your system and make sure you are completely satisfied with the final product.
  • Bespoke requests can be much smaller projects. For example, if you wanted a small modification to our Shop Module, we can customise that for you.  We will still patch the underlying Shop module with bug fixes and new features.

Using APIs to connect you

We already use APIs to integrate with a number of companies, such as Royal Mail and eBay. This is ideal for ecommerce businesses, where seamless integration is so important to streamlining your processes. We can also work with other APIs, or we can build a unique, one-off system. 

Some examples:

  • seamless stock control
  • integrating order systems with warehousing and dispatch systems
  • accounting software

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