Managing Memberships Online

Does your website need a private area where information can only be accessed by an approved group of visitors?

Kontrolit’s Members’ Module is perfectly suited to this requirement.  Supply approved members with login details and adapt the module to suit your unique membership requirements with a range of powerful options.

Pricing Options

The flexibility of pricing options in our Members' Module should cover just about any situation, but if you need a bespoke solution to manage your membership pricing structure, let us know.

  • Initial pricing option (e.g. £5 for first month and then £10 for each month thereafter)
  • Initial duration option (e.g. £10 for 3 months and then £10 for each month thereafter)
  • Billing options of daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually
  • Set fixed membership term or unlimited term
  • Group membership options
  • Provide different options to new and existing members
  • Create admin only memberships
  • Try and collect for X days before giving up
  • Integration with PayPal, Opaya and Pay360


Enhance the smooth running of your membership system and gather data to help you learn what members want so you can plan your next moves.

  • Provide grace periods for late payment
  • Collect data on why members leave
  • Send renewal notifications on custom schedules


Comprehensive reporting features allows you to export membership data.

  • List of all current members + export
  • List of all non-members + export
  • List of all invalid members + export
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