Control over your Content Management System

Our customers tell us they want the ability to update their website themselves. They need it to be easy, fast...they want control.

A content management system (CMS) from Kontrolit allows you to do exactly that: manage your own web content, whenever you want. Whether it’s fresh news or a blog post, a new product, promotion or simply re-wording an existing page, our CMS puts a range of powerful tools at your fingertips.

What’s unique about Kontrolit?

A CMS can sometimes be limited in what it allows you to do. We know this can be frustrating, so Kontrolit’s system gives you far more control of your content, in many more areas of your site, than other CMS software on the market. Just look at the features below for an idea of what you get. If you need your site to do something unique, just ask - our web development team is highly specialised.

As a Marketing Consultant and partner of Kontrolit, I appointed them to create a website for one of my clients. As always the process went smoothly, the design was spot on, the functionality is excellent and most importantly the client is delighted. Thank you as always to the team.
Lizzie Neyland

Core Features - With Every Site

Bespoke Design

We don't use preset templates. Your site is designed from the ground up, so you'll stand out from your competitors.

Bespoke Solutions

We have in-house expertise to develop a system that works for your unique business needs. Find out more.

Find & Replace

Quickly search for content site-wide and replace with ease.

Manage Media

Images and files are easily imported, sized and positioned on your pages. You can even optimise them for search engines.


Create your own menus, decide where you want them, change or re-order the items on your menu.

Regular Updates

You are always up-to-date with the latest technology and browser compatibility.

Role Manager

Manage admin responsibilities and access. Simplify the admin panel for users by just providing the tools they need.

Unlimited Categorisation

Organise your web content in whatever way makes most sense for your business.

Unlimited Pages

Thousands of products? Hundreds of Blog posts? Not a problem.


Choose from a selection of pre-made widgets to add powerful interactive features to your content including; Blog archive, Carousels, Bespoke jQuery, Polls, Forms, Ratings etc.

Having built many websites in the past, I have looked at many CMS systems. I was immediately impressed with the Kontrolit system as it notably had functionality that many others CMS systems omit. The system has been built by people who understand how online search and marketing works because Kontrolit gives me access to the full set of tools I need not only to build and control a good site but to get it visible to the world...I am also impressed that Kontrolit are open to suggestion - If it is not already part of their system, once you make a good suggestion, it is usually on the next release...The support from the central Kontrolit team and the technology they have which enables them to 'see what you see' solves all bugs.
Tim Larden - HML UK

Optional Modules - Your Site Your Way


Keep your site fresh and attract new visitors. A cornerstone of digital marketing.


Engage with your visitors and boost unique page content.


Manage events, venues, bookings and payments straight from your website. Find out more.

Form builder

Create and manage unlimited forms. Complex forms can be broken into steps and responses can be sent to individual channels.


Run online communities and create helpful engaging user-generated content.


Easily add multiple images to your site to showcase your products or services and provide engaging content for your visitors.


A powerful module allowing you to run a membership database and take regular payments. Find out more.


Add a messaging system to your Forum to allow secure communication between your users.

Mailing List

Integrate with Mailchimp, Constant Contact and YMLP.


Update site visitors with news about your company or industry.  A great way to keep your site fresh.


Flag up promotions, special offers or important information to new site visitors.

Secure Area

Make parts of your site require login where you need to keep information private.  Often used with our Membership system.

SEO Tools

A selection of tools enabling you to drive new traffic to your website. Essential when using our Digital Marketing service.

Social Sharing

Share content on Social Media channels to attract new visitors to your website.


Our Ecommerce Shop is an enterprise level feature-rich solution that has a track record of success. Find out more.

Shop: Google Shopping

We've extended our shop module and integrated it with Google Shopping to drive new sales via Pay Per Click to your website.

Shop: eBay Shop

Manage your eBay shop from our admin panel.  Easily list new products and manage orders from one location.

Text Search

Help your site visitors quickly find information on your site with our intelligent text search.

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