Bespoke Web Solutions

Your business is unique, so don't settle for using the same website technology as everyone else. A compromise now could cost you dear later on.

We specialise in custom-built web solutions for businesses with more complex needs so that your site does exactly what you need it to do. We offer experienced, professional development, with free estimates and excellent ongoing support.

  • Create bespoke solutions on top of a solid core
  • Even bespoke sites still benefit from patches and new features to the core code
  • Rapid development technology - we have built custom software that enables us to rapidly create core code. For example, let's say you wanted to create a custom list to add into our Membership module so that on the registration form you asked them for their favourite hobby.  We would want this list to be editable by you to avoid coming back to us for changes.  So our software allows us to very quickly create the pages in the admin panel that would list out the hobbies. You could edit and delete them, as well as inserting new ones and re-ordering the list.
  • We'll provide you with free estimate
  • We can produce detailed specifications for larger projects
  • Options for larger projects to create fully bespoke modules
  • Options to extend existing modules.  For example, if you wanted a small modification to our Shop Module we can extend this module for you.  This allows you to have your customisation but we will still patch the underlying Shop module with bug fixes and new features.


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