Talk's cheap - What can we do with a real SEO project?
15th Jan 2015

Talk’s cheap – What can we do with a real SEO project?

We talk a lot of theory about SEO in our blog posts: What it means, or how to do it, and sometimes even how not to do it. But talk is cheap – can we deliver the goods when a customer needs help with an ailing website?

To demonstrate that we can, we’ve put together a simple overview of an SEO project we worked on for a customer in the car insurance industry.

This is a classic example of a site that enjoyed a few years of success in search results and then, for reasons unknown to its owner, suffered a gradual, irreversible relationship breakdown with Google which literally decimated the website’s traffic.

Even with all our experience, SEO is never an exact science. Given the problems this site had run into, both we and the customer were realistic in our expectations; we were in this for the long haul and we went through some nail-biting moments while we waited for Google to decide that we were doing a good job.

As you’ll see from the extraordinary results at the end of the case study, though, it was worth it.

Graph charting SEO progress

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