Website Statistics Upgraded
18th Feb 2010

Website Statistics Upgraded

Website Statistics 7-day Overview - With our stats, businesses can review general website and SEO statistics for the last seven days from anywhere there is an Internet connection.Our new stats system gives you a clearer view of your website's statistics, enabling you to monitor traffic and much more to help improve your business. You can access your stats from a link on the home page of your website's admin panel.

Improve your Business Intelligence

  • Use website statistics to analyse the performance of marketing campaigns
  • Use SEO tools to improve search engine ranking and visibility
  • Measure website visitor traffic separately from spider and bot traffic
  • Go beyond standard analytics and understand results with data mining
  • Determine the web pages that search engines are indexing
  • Track the referring pages and searches that brought visitors to the site
  • Analyse website performance and page load times

Reports on Real Visitor Behaviour

Our stats is a powerful Web log analytics and SEO software that delivers relevant website statistics to help businesses gather information on site visitors, browsers, servers, geography, referrals, traffic, and more.As much as 15% of the traffic on larger sites and 50% on smaller sites may be as the result of automated hits generated by spiders and bots as they index your site. However, our system is able to distinguish real traffic from spider and bot traffic, providing you with true statistics that reflect real customer behaviour. Geographical report analysis and visitor mapping also allow you to identify demographical marketing opportunities. All these tools mean you can accurately identify trends and customer habits to enable you to make effective marketing decisions.

Data Mining

To reduce the complexity often associated with data mining, our stats system presents data mining in an intuitive question and answer format. Such questions include:

  • What is the daily activity that this file gets?
  • Where did people who hit this file enter the site?
  • How many times did people return to my site before hitting this file?
  • What query strings were passed to this file?
  • What are the top files requested by this IP address?

These sorts of questions will allow you to easily and quickly gain insight and evaluate the effectiveness of an online marketing or advertising campaign.

Email Reports

Identify demographic marketing opportunities with detailed reports that break down visitor traffic by geographic region to the city level.All customers will automatically receive an email report of their website statistics once a month, however we can schedule other types of email reports either monthly or weekly.

Understand Website Traffic

Our stats combine spider and bot detection with detailed summary and trend reporting with nearly 100 report items to help you understand real traffic, improve the results of marketing campaigns, evaluate SEO campaigns and better understand visitor habits. You are able to filter report items, create custom report items, save reports as favorites for quick reference and email reports on a regularly scheduled basis to a targeted audience.

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