Want £28 for Every £1 You Spend on Email Marketing?

Want £28 for every £1 you spend on email marketing?   

Don't we all. But after two decades of the internet, the novelty of receiving an unexpected email has, if not entirely disappeared, worn out to a kind of jaded curiosity.

Email marketing has had a bad press. Our customers are wary (and weary) of emails that appear to be a cold call, hard sell, spam or a scam.

It’s also fair to say that business owners themselves have been attracted to newer, shinier forms of internet marketing like search engine optimisation and pay per click advertising. Don’t get me wrong – these are both extremely effective forms of marketing which work well for many of our customers. But email marketing can be viewed by some as being a bit old-hat.

They’re wrong.

Done right, email marketing is still a great marketing tactic.

Email marketing delivers the highest ROI of any form of digital marketing

Did you know, for instance, that email marketing delivers the highest ROI (about £28 per £1 spent) of any digital marketing tactic? Or that 44% of email recipients made at least one purchase in 2013 based on an email promotion? (Mark the Marketer)

So why is it so many of our customers designate our emails straight to the bin?

As businesses, we’re doing it wrong.

Do it right!

To help you do it right, we came across a great email marketing 101 from Newzapp. In this helpful tutorial, you’re taken through,

  • the essential basics of crafting an effective email
  • delivering your email campaign
  • tracking and measuring the effectiveness of your campaign

The tutorial is thorough, but written in a very user-friendly style which is bound to inspire you next time you pull together a promotional email for your mailing list. 

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