Shorter .uk domain name proposed

Shorter .uk domain name proposed

Plans to offer UK-based firms shorter internet domain names with extra  security features have been proposed.

The new extensions means that business could now register as their web address.

Successful applicants would have to prove they had a UK presence and they would have to pay a slightly higher fee (£25-£30 for a 2 year registration).

A three-month consultation is currently under way.

With the raft of other top level domains from Icann (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) such as .home, .shop and .play it is becoming increasely difficult for companies to protect their brand.

Extra Security features

The security features are designed to reduce the risk of cybercrime.

Nominet, who would oversee the domain names, are looking at scanning these domain names and associated sites for malware.  In addition they would be DNSSEC-signed [Domain Name System Security Extensions] - that's a security protocol that adds a digital signature to a domain to minimise the risk of domain-hijacking, and it also ensures that when you are going to go to a domain you reach the one you wanted to reach.

So essentially you are looking at a Trust Mark so that consumers and people visiting these .uk domain names would get an immediate indication of the security and nature of the registration.

Nominet plans to run its consultation until 7 January, and has set up a site offering more information, including where to email responses.

Our View

If the plans are successful then we will be recommending at least an initial registration of any relevant domain names that would protect your brand.  For some customers that have missed a prime extension it may even be worth carefuly moving and redirecting your site. We would then recommend reviewing this after 2 years and only renewing if the new domain becomes popular with the general media, for example moving to


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