Biggest Shake Up of UK Domains Ever - .uk Domains
28th Apr 2014

Biggest Shake Up of UK Domains Ever - .uk Domains

In November 2013, Nominet announced its decision to introduce the new domain extension .uk.  This shorter, simpler domain name extension will be available alongside the traditional, and extensions.

The new extension will be available from the 10th June 2014.

No need to panic

If you already hold the version of a domain, e.g., there is no need to panic as you have 5 years to decide if you want to use the .uk version e.g.

If there is no or equivalent registered you will be free to register the .uk domain name from the 10th of June.

In the rare cases where one party holds a version of a domain name and another holds the version, the domain owner will have first refusal on the domain name.

Checking availability

Use this tool here to check the rights of any domain name:

Get ahead

If you want to reserve the right for a .uk domain then it is suggested you register the version of the domain before 07:59 on 10th June 2014.

Why use .uk?

It can be useful when using social media and you have character restrictions e.g. Twitter.  Over time, it is likely to compete with to become the strongest UK brand.

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