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Monthly FOCUS: Search Engine Optimisation with Kontrolit CMS

Improving your Search Engine Ranking is important for any business. There are many companies out there specialising in ‘SEO’ and investment in their services is often worth it.  However, before you consider the services of a professional, ask yourself, have you optimised your site to the best of your ability?

We have set up Kontrolit CMS to be easily optimised by you in order to get the best from your website.   Here are a few tips to help you:

Page Title

The Page Title is shown as words that appear in the title bar at the top of your web browser for the page. 

Page title

These words do not appear anywhere else on your web page. The Page Title is important, as it not only communicates the theme of your web page to the human visitors and forms the description of the page when the page is added to Favourites but it is also considered very important by the Search Engine crawlers.

You shouldn't use text in the Page Title that is not mentioned on the page itself. In addition it is best to use keywords or key phrases that you would imagine people typing into a search engine.

A common mistake is just to put the company name into the Page Title. If you leave this blank then the title will be used instead.

Suggestion: No more than 7 words or 60 characters e.g. low prices in Electronics, Books, Music, DVDs & more.

Meta Description

The Meta Description is a short and concise summary of your web page content. The words placed in this Meta Description are often used in the search engines result pages (SERP), just below the Page Title as a brief description of your page. Whilst meta descriptions are unlikely to improve your rankings - badly formed descriptions can hurt. As with the Page Title you should only use text from the page itself. If it is difficult to form a Meta Description then it sometimes best to leave this box empty.

Meta description

Suggestion: No more than 25 words or 250 characters e.g. Low prices on digital cameras, MP3, LCD TVs, books, music, DVDs, video games, software, home & garden and much, much more. Free delivery on orders over £15.

Meta Keywords

The Meta Keywords are a list of keywords from the web page separated by commas. The words are used by some engines to help categorise the page. As with the Page Title you should only use text from the page itself.

Meta keywords

Heading 1

Your headings have been styled as per the design of your site.  It is important to have a Heading 1 on every page on your site.  This should be used ONLY ONCE.  If it is used multiple times you will be penalised by search engines.  It should be concise, but descriptive.

Heading 1

Further Search Engine Improvements

  • Keep your content fresh and updated
  • Link building – Links in to your site are considered as important
  • Site Map – Is this being submitted on a regular basis?

For more help and assitance with SEO on your site, please contact the Kontrolit team.

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