New Tool Helping Customers With Design Stage

New Interactive Tool to Help Customers With Web Design

Interactive Prototype ToolKontrolit has introduced an interactive prototype tool to help customers at the design stage of their website.

This is an additional step to the usual design phase for a new website, or a website that is being redesigned; feedback so far indicates that the tool really helps customers translate ideas in a more visual way.

How it works

After an initial meeting to discuss the project brief, we would produce a simple layout of your proposed Home Page and any major hub pages deemed necessary.

Getting your feedback

The prototype tool enables us to put this layout online in a way that you can interact with. We can add simple animations to help explain essential page functionality; you can then

  • draw on it 
  • add your own notes
  • export your feedback to us.

Once the prototype has been agreed, we proceed to the design draft stage as normal.

Feedback screen in design prototype tool

What are the advantages?

The prototype tool enables you to feedback your ideas to us at a much earlier stage of the design phase - this can make a big difference later on in the subsequent design and build phases, ensuring the smooth running of the project.

It also allows you to focus on the important structure and functionality of the page without being distracted by things that can be addressed at a later stage of the design process, such as fonts, colour schemes and images.

If you are a “visual” person, the prototype tool can be very helpful in translating your ideas into a finished website.

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