Kontrolit Statistics Updated
1st Sep 2011

Kontrolit Statistics Updated

The statistics service on all Kontrolit sites has recently been updated.  Below is a quick summary of the changes:

  • ADDED: New definitions to improve spider and bot detection
  • CHANGED: Geographic databases updated for better location resolution
  • CHANGED: Report items in the custom report editor are now sorted alphabetically
  • FIXED: Paths with encoded characters such as + and ' now function as expected in data mining
  • FIXED: SEO rankings now properly ignore Google's "Places for X near Y" results
  • FIXED: Sorting now functions as expected in the Spider Daily Totals report
  • FIXED: The report item Daily Visit Length and the data mining report Daily Activity now show data correctly when added to custom reports
  • FIXED: Updated Google definitions to accommodate the search engine's rendering changes implemented on 14/8/2011

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