Kontrolit announces change in Managing Director

Kontrolit announces change in Managing Director

Paul HowesOur customers, partners and friends will know that Kontrolit’s Managing Director for many years, Paul Howes, has gradually been reducing his workload in the last year or so as he approaches retirement.

Having reached the next step in the company's succession planning, Paul has now passed the reins of responsibility to his son Tim, who becomes Kontrolit’s new Managing Director.  Paul will continue to contribute to the company’s growth on a part-time basis, focusing primarily on accounts.

Tim Howes“Although I’m not a big believer in fancy titles I’m very proud to be taking over as a second generation leader for this family run web agency – I don’t think too many companies could say that!

“Kontrolit has been around since 1998, which is exceptionally old in internet terms. Running our own CMS (content management system), allowing customers to update their own websites, was very cutting edge for Somerset back then.  

“The future looks very bright for us here; with our expansion to a full web agency from a basic website provider 4/5 years ago, we find ourselves now in another growth spurt, and soon to take on a new staff member. Bring on the next 17 years!” 

Tim’s principal role at Kontrolit remains that of project management, co-ordinating our strong, committed team as the company heads into an exciting phase of expansion.

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