Coding for Bespoke Websites

Coding for Bespoke Websites

Do you find yourself wishing that your website did more of the work for you? That it could streamline your processes and improve your efficiency? If it lacks the functionality that makes your life easier, perhaps you should consider a bespoke coding solution.

A bespoke website is custom-built to suit the unique needs of your business. This might include integration with other programs and databases like a CRM or email software, third party software, accounting packages, product management or unique reporting features.

How does it work?

We’ll need a thorough understanding of your business so we can develop effective features to help it work more efficiently, so we’ll spend plenty of time with you to learn all we can about your operations, your customers, suppliers, how you work and the problems you need to overcome.

After that, we get together with our developers to come up with solutions that can be built into your website. Our aims are:

  • To make your website your main management tool
  • To reduce repetitive tasks by introducing as much automation as possible
  • To reduce the number of separate tools you need to use by integrating as many processes into your website as possible
  • To minimise the margin for error by having all your data managed from one place
  • To improve efficiency by reducing the man-hours required to complete certain tasks

Practical examples of bespoke coding

Ecommerce businesses can often benefit from bespoke features. We can integrate your site with major suppliers and drop shippers to manage orders and product lines. If it’s currently a headache to update stock levels, discontinued lines, new products and product information, a bespoke solution can often help make life a great deal easier.

Need a particular report? Data driven businesses may find it especially useful to pull information from their website into a management report, or integrate data with accounting packages or other third party software.

If you’re running events, we can develop integrated tools so you can do a whole lot more straight from your website admin panel:  add menu options to events, print attendance sheets and place-holders, for example.

These are just a few examples of the various ways bespoke coding can enhance your website. The Kontrolit team has many years’ experience providing effective web solutions for any size and type of business. Why not put our expertise to the test?

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