Are We a Match Made in Heaven?
14th Jul 2014

Are We a Match Made in Heaven?

Partners & outsourcing

You have some incredible skills. We don't mean to brag, but we’re pretty special, too. Let’s get together!

Kontrolit provides an excellent  outsourcing and partnership option for complementary industries, so if you’re a web or graphic designer for example, or if you run a PR or marketing agency, print agency or IT company, we could be a perfect match for each other.

Why work with Kontrolit?

Our partners outsource work to us for various reasons.

Pound currency signCreate new revenue-generating services

Most often, working with Kontrolit means our partners can expand the range of services they can offer their customers without having to acquire or employ new skills themselves. A few examples:

  • A marketing or PR agency can provide a white label web design service to its customers, without becoming web designers themselves or employing an expensive additional member of staff.
  • They could also offer other web services such as day-to-day site management or content creation because we’ll train you to use Kontrolit’s powerful content management system (CMS).
  • A designer whose skills lie more in a creative direction can offer customers a complete website service without learning a thing about the technical side of the process.

An “overflow” solution!

Smaller businesses often end up juggling a sudden influx of new work. if you're short on manpower and you’re just too busy to handle part of a web project it makes sense to outsource it to a trusted partner rather than lose new business.

Plug the skills gap

Our partners come from a variety of specialised backgrounds; they're highly qualified, professional people. Occasionally though, work comes along that's a little outside their comfort zone.  What do you do? Do you turn the work away and lose a valued customer? Do you say you can do the work and then panic when you can't deliver?

Tired dog

Perhaps you’re a competent web designer but a customer has asked for a complex web solution that has you scratching your head. Do you muddle through and produce a less than satisfactory outcome for the customer?

Outsource your web development projects to Kontrolit. As a partner, we’ve got your back in tricky situations – our technical expertise is your lifeline.

A trustworthy CMS

We sometimes come by work from partners who admire the power, flexibility and security of Kontrolit’s content management system. Unlike open source systems such as Wordpress, Kontrolit has full and ongoing support from our team of developers, so it’s stable, secure from hackers and always improving. It also means if you’ve got a problem, you can come straight to us or our Knowledge Base for help rather than trawl through Wordpress user forums which may or may not give you the right answer!

A few extra perks

Online Price Wizard

If you want to make your service look white label, you need to be able to quote for customers’ jobs on the spot, at any time of day. Our online Price Wizard takes you through a logical sequence of questions about the project to work out the cost, allows you to add your own mark up at the end, then produces a quote which you can give to your customer.

If the project is more complex, we’ll probably need to give you a hand to cost up the job, which we’re always happy to do.

Dedicated account manager

Partners get a dedicated account manager, too, so you know who to get in touch with throughout the cycle of a project if you need to touch base.  

Training and support

You’ll soon become familiar, even expert, using Kontrolit’s CMS, thanks to our training. You can pass this knowledge on to your customers or use it to extend the range of services you can offer.

Very occasionally, you'll hit a stumbling block. We’ve got a dedicated Support Centre for those times you or your customer needs help. Log your issue online and track its progress until it’s resolved.

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