Kontrolit Version 3.7.0

At a glance

All text now editable with the Static Text Manager

This new feature introduced in v3.7 means administrators now have access to edit any text used on the web site. In previous versions there were small items of text on a site, for example, labels in forms or error messages.  These were fixed by us during site setup and the only way to change them would have required input from the coding team at Kontrolit.net. The static text manager gives control of these items back to the site administrators.

Currency, dates, time zone and money

Kontrolit can now easily be set up to target different time zones. Sites can also easily adopt different cultures allowing currency, date format and money values to be correctly displayed and formatted. An example of this in action is shown in the table below which compares a selection of cultural settings available in Kontrolit.


Country Currency Date Money
United Kingdom British Pound  dd/mm/yyyy £1,323.45 
United States US Dollar mm/dd/yyyy $1,323.45 
France Euro  dd/mm/yyyy 1 323,45 € 
Germany Euro  dd.mm.yyyy 1.323,45 €


Size templates for easier image uploading

Administrators can now setup size templates for images, so that any editor can pick from a pre-set list. This leads to better consistency of image sizes after upload leading to more uniformed content on the site. This new features also means editors no longer need to remember how big images should be and what pixels are!

New easy "forgot password" routine

Visitors and administrators no longer need to remember security questions and answers. Simply click on “forgot password” and fill in your email address. The site will send an email with a link to click on allowing the visitor or administrator to reset their password.

It’s the little things that make Kontrolit special

  • New quick rating method for documents
  • A new method of grouping and personalising products allows shop customers to choose colour from a colour picker when adding an item to their shopping basket
  • The shop modules, bulk update product spreadsheet now comes pre-populated allowing mass changes to products more easily
  • Administrators can now view a log of all emails sent by the site
  • All forms now have their own dedicated thank you pages allowing full editing of thank you messages by administrators and cleaner setup of Google Analytic goals
  • The administration panel is now Safari compatible

What’s next?

Kontrolit.net customers wanting to upgrade to v3.7

Already running a site by Kontrolit.net? Contact us by email sales@kontrolit.net or by phone on 01935 434734 to get a quote today to upgrade.

New customers looking to switch to Kontrolit

If you are looking for greater control over your web site or if you are tired of poor search engine rankings then find out how easy it is to switch to Kontrolit. You may even be able to keep your existing design and save on cost. You can email sales@kontrolit.net or contact us by phone on 01935 434734.

Get a live demo

If you wish to discuss your needs and get answers to questions, schedule an online demo with a member of Kontrolit.net staff.  We can use secure software to log into your desktop allowing us to demonstrate. All you need is an Internet connection and a phone. Email sales@kontrolit.net or contact us by phone on 01935 434734.

Access our demo site

We will provide you with access to our demonstration site which runs the latest full version of Kontrolit. You can test all features for as long as you want. Email sales@kontrolit.net or contact us now by phone on 01935 434734.