Kontrolit Version 3.12.0

At a Glance

Easier Tagging 

Kontrolit 3.12 allows you to tag documents much faster. You are able to add and remove tags from the editor page itself as well as being able to search for tags and navigate quickly through a large number of tags.

Bulk Changes to Master Pages

With Kontrolit 3.12 you can make bulk changes to your master pages. If you are changing the layout of a master page you have the option to apply it to all pages in that category or even the entire site. This means you only have to make the change once, saving you a considerable amount of time.

Mailing List Improvements

The mailing list module includes several new improvements, including the ability to quickly view a list of subscribers in the admin panel and the addition of mailing list templates. The mailing list templates produce a professional looking document which you simply copy text and images into to personalise. This means you can begin mailing your members very quickly with a professional-looking, personalized document.

Events Module Additions

The events module also includes new features, allowing you to view bookings and copy events. By viewing bookings you can see clearly how many people are booked to attend an event. Copying an event means that if you have a regular event, for example one that runs every Thursday, you no longer have to enter it repeatedly for each week, saving a lot of time.

New Payment Processor - Sagepay

Version 3.12 also provides you with a new payment option, increasing the payment flexibility provided by Kontrolit. Sagepay is an online payment service which is simple to use, easy to manage and can be completely integrated into your site, giving customers reassurance when paying as they never leave your site.

Updated Easy to Use Editor

Kontrolit 3.12  has an updated Editor with many functional improvements. The new editor is more stylish and smoother to use, making it quicker and easier for you to add and edit your site content. The addition of page blocks, which outline every single block of text, make the page layout easier to control and review. Although you don’t need to be technically minded to use this editor, for those that are, you’re now able to precisely control the structure of text with the Element Selector, which shows the hierarchy of HTML tags around the current cursor position, providing a clear way to manage them. In the new editor you also get additional features when creating a table such as being able to automatically insert headers. The editor can be displayed in basic or advanced mode depending on the user's role, to compare the basic and advanced features click

Automatic xml Site Map Generation

Version 3.12 removes the need to remember to update your xml site map by generating them at intervals automatically. In your admin panel you will be able to choose if you wish the site map to be updated daily, weekly or monthly. These automatic, regular updates ensure search engines receive information about any changes made to your site, helping to improve its visibility.

Super-friendly URLs

The new super-friendly URL button means you can create a super-friendly URL in a single click rather than having to type it in yourself. Shops that use a 'shop by brand' feature will also now all have friendly URLs for all brand pages which will improve site traffic.

Kontrolit 3.12 includes some changes to the admin panel to make it quicker to find where to alter settings for your pages.

To make adding new menu items quicker in this new version you simply click to re-order the menu so the new items are automatically inserted in the correct position.

Site Summary

Kontrolit 3.12 also gives you a site summary on your admin panel homepage, showing you at a glance information such as your site's total number of pages, image and customers, which gives a quick way to monitor the volume and progress of your site content.